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The Ins and Outs of Wage Garnishment and How to Stop It in NJ or PA!

The Ins and Outs of Wage Garnishment in NJ or PA and How to STOP It In the world of debt collection, wage garnishment is the equivalent of bringing in the “big guns.” It’s a regular payment to a creditor, taken directly from your paycheck by your employer. This is a powerful tool used by……
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Grounds for Objection to Wage Garnishment

If a creditor sues you and successfully gets a judgment, wage garnishment is one way they can collect. Wage garnishment allows your creditor to take part of your employment income. This is accomplished through a wage garnishment order that the judgment creditor serves on your employer. Then, your employer has to withhold money from each……
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Personal Property Exemptions During Wage Garnishment

When you’ve incurred unpayable debts, creditors may be awarded a judgment against you in court. A creditors judgment may include wage garnishment, which means money will be taken out of your paycheck and sent to the creditor before you ever receive it. Sometimes, a creditor’s judgment may include taking your existing property and assets. It……
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Wage Garnishment Laws in New Jersey

Fear, anxiety, and avoidance are natural responses in situations where we feel powerless, and getting behind on bills or too deep in debt can easily trigger these emotions in even the strongest individuals. These emotional responses are valid, but your creditors gain more legal authority to act without your consent the longer you avoid talking……
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