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5 Ways Footing the Bill for Adult Children Puts Your Retirement at Risk

When preparing for retirement, socking away as much as possible can fast-track empty nesters to their goals. To calculate a budget, it is typical to consider expenses such as mortgage payments, food, utility bills, and maintenance costs. But more Americans are also covering living expenses for their adult children long after they should. This practice,……
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8 Things to Consider If You Are Looking to Move When You Retire

Looking to Move When You Retire? 8 Considerations to Keep in Mind If you are thinking about moving when you retire, you are definitely not alone. Age Wave and Merrill Lynch report in their study that 64% of retirees have moved or anticipate moving in retirement. But is moving right for you? There are a……
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Feeling Some Financial Stress? You Are Not Alone

Many middle-class Americans – or more particularly, those who make between $35,000-$150,000 a year – admit to feeling stressed about their financial situation on a consistent basis. This may not be surprising for those who make a lower than average income, as lower earners typically worry about their financial situation on a regular basis, but……
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How a Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help You Prepare for Retirement

You work hard and you deserve the chance to enjoy your Golden Years when the time for retiring – and relaxing – comes along. Unfortunately, you may find that your financial situation prevents you from retiring. Many seniors in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and everywhere else in the U.S. find that they need to keep working……
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Strategies to Plan Ahead for Retirement

The economy still hasn’t fully rebounded from the recession, leaving plenty of families with difficult financial decisions to be made. One question that many people find themselves asking is: Should I plan for my future retirement right now, or should I focus on paying off my current bills and other debt obligations and worry about……
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