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How to Handle a Boundary Dispute

It’s a struggle that happens each and every day: You may want to add something to your home or property, such as a fence or pool, when suddenly a neighbor objects to the addition. This situation can often be diffused by simply presenting the deed of the property, displaying where boundary lines begin and end…….
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Terms You Might Overlook in a Real Estate Contract

Buying, renting, or leasing a new home can be a big, exciting step for many people. It means a new living situation and a new future. However, in the process of getting a new home, you will be presented with a real estate contract. In the midst of all the excitement, it could be tempting……
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4 Ways Real Estate Contracts Can Be Tricky

Buying, or selling, a house in New Jersey can be a wonderful moment in your life. It can also be a nerve-wracking experience because real estate transactions are often incredibly complicated and involve numerous legal issues and technicalities that need to be worked out well in advance of closing. Even if you have negotiated with……
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NJ Luxury Real Estate Market Is Struggling

Although it has been some time since the housing bubble burst, the real estate market in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere in the U.S. still hasn’t rebounded across all sectors. For instance, recent data indicates that the luxury market is still struggling. A “luxury listing” is typically defined as a property in the top one-third……
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Home Foreclosure Process Takes Longer Than Usual in New Jersey

Earlier this year, real estate marketplace data showed that home foreclosures in New Jersey were on the rise even as they declined across the U.S. It appears that things have not gotten any better in the Garden State, with a recent report indicating that NJ has an extremely high foreclosure rate. Making matters worse is……
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