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What Happens to My House in NJ Bankruptcy?

Many people who are considering filing for bankruptcy protection are hesitant to do so because they fear losing their house. The thought of having to uproot your family and find a new place to live may be even more frightening than financial struggles. However, bankruptcy is meant to help you, not hurt you. If you……
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More than Six Million Americans Stuck in “Underwater” Mortgages

Despite the fact that property values have steadily increased since the Great Recession, many American home owners have not completely recovered. Many are currently sitting with property worth less than they owe on their mortgage(s). According to a December 2013 report released by CoreLogic, 6.4 million homeowners currently have underwater mortgages and, for some, it……
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31,500 New Jersey residents keep homes with modification program

Facing the possibility of losing your home is an experience that no homeowner wants to go through. People across New Jersey work very hard to save up to buy a home and continue working hard to keep that home, but extenuating circumstances can come up which put those goals in jeopardy. Because it can be……
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New Jersey Residents Still Facing Foreclosure Woes

While much of the country is reportedly seeing some recovery in the housing market, residents in New Jersey are having a more difficult time. According to a recent report, this state is still struggling with the second-highest foreclosure rate in the country. The report was released by CoreLogic, which releases a monthly review of foreclosures……
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