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Been Scammed or Illegally Evicted by a Bad Landlord? You’re Not Alone!

Illegal evictions are on the rise throughout the state of New Jersey. Further, there are many evictions that don’t get reported. Money-hungry landlords often use renters’ lack of knowledge about rental law to force them to leave their own homes. Then, it’s not uncommon if they find new renters willing to pay a higher price…….
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When Is the Best Season to Sell Your House? Spring? Nope!

Wait, what? While you may think that most people look to buy real estate in April, May and June, statistics don’t prove out that theory. Sure, the weather is beautiful for house hunting. Flowers are in bloom and it’s so much easier to stage a home when the sun is shining and people are happy……
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Buyer Beware: Appraisers May Be Inflating Home Values

Just when we thought we were in the home stretch of getting back to pre-financial crisis real estate market, it looks as though questionable home appraisal processes may be setting the clock back. According to a Wall Street Journal report, powered by information provided by Digital Risk Analytics, about one in seven home appraisals were……
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New Jersey Real Estate Bounce Back: It’s Going to Take Time

In the world of real estate and most other economic sectors, what goes down eventually must come up. However, a recent survey by Zillow revealed that it’s going to take more time – probably another three to five years – for NJ’s real estate market to be back where it was in 2007 when the……
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What You Don’t Know about Your Town’s Zoning Laws Can Cost You

You are the owner of your house, but what you are allowed to do to improve your own property is generally governed by your town’s zoning laws. Zoning regulations in communities throughout New Jersey are complicated. It’s important to speak with a qualified real estate lawyer who knows the ins and outs of New Jersey……
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