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When is a Short Sale Right for You?

If you’re facing the possibility of foreclosure and bankruptcy, many people may suggest offering your home for short sale. Short sales are negotiated deals with your lender that allow you to sell your home for a lower price than what you owe on the mortgage. In exchange for the home being sold, lenders will typically……
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When Can You Turn Back from an Agreement to Buy a House?

Did you ever experience buyer’s remorse after you’ve made a decision? Of course you have! Sometimes, it’s as easy as taking the receipt back to the store. Other times, you just toss the item into the basement and see it as a costly mistake. What happens when the item is real estate? There are many……
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Ready to Improve Your Property? Do It Legally

As many New Jersey locals can tell you, there are certain laws that need to be abided by if you want to remodel or add on to your home. If you don’t get approval for additions or improvements such as a fence, a pool, a shed or an extension, you may have to pay dearly……
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Can They Take Your House? What Is Eminent Domain?

In New Jersey, eminent domain is the right that the government holds to acquire private land and buildings for public use. When a building is condemned through the right of eminent domain, the owner of the building has the right to be properly compensated at market price for their land and also have the right……
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The Silver Lining: The Positive Aspect of South Jersey Foreclosure Stats

While the words “positive” and “foreclosure” in this headline seem to be an oxymoron, the truth is that the surge in foreclosures in South Jersey isn’t all bad news. For the past couple of years, housing inventory has been increasingly low throughout New Jersey and especially in the southern portion of the state. By most……
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