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Looking for Peace of Mind as Well as Real Estate? Consider South Jersey

If you’re constantly looking over your shoulder, checking your car locks twice and walking a little faster on your way to work, it’s likely you don’t live in beautiful Southern New Jersey. Movoto Real Estate analyzed the FBI’s 2013 Uniform Crime Report and released a list: “New Jersey’s 10 Most Dangerous Towns.” According to online……
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My South Jersey Landlord is a Slumlord! How Can I Report Him?

Bad landlords tend to have a few things in common; they want their rent and they are not always the most compassionate people. Most prominently, they don’t seem to get how their failure to maintain the property you are renting is both inhumane and illegal. With temperatures in the single digits throughout South Jersey, it’s……
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Signs Point to Vibrant Spring Real Estate Market in South Jersey

While the temperatures hover in the single digits and snow seems to be in the forecast every evening, people looking to shop for a new house this year are already thinking spring. There are five things to consider as you begin to embrace the open house circuit. 1. Escalating Prices – It very well could……
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Affordable Living in New Jersey?

New Jersey has long had a reputation for being one of the priciest states in the nation in terms of cost of living. Between the notoriously high taxes and the high price of homes, it’s hard for many families to make ends meet in the towns that they live in. This makes one wonder which……
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Don’t Fall Victim to Common Consumer Fraud Tactics in Real Estate

Everybody’s worst nightmare is buying a home at what they think is a true bargain price, only to find themselves stuck with a home that will turn into a massive financial burden. Though it is an illegal practice, many home sellers get away with hiding important details until it’s too late. With a skilled attorney……
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