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Want a Quality Home with Manageable Property Taxes? Consider Camden County

These days, the New Jersey homebuyer is more focused than ever on whether or not they will be able to meet their property tax burden. New Jersey currently has the highest property taxes on average in the nation and it has become a real factor in determining whether or not first-time homebuyers and even current……
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Now May Be the Time to Buy a Home in South Jersey

Recent census figures show that homeownership, at 64 percent, is the lowest it’s been in 20 years. The flexibility of renting combined with flashbacks from the 2008 housing crisis have left many potential homebuyers gun-shy. These aren’t just abstract numbers. This trend is being played out in certain parts of South Jersey. Many are reluctant……
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Short Sales: Great Opportunity or Major Headache?

Make no mistake about it, a short sale can be a great investment – saving you money and putting you into a home of your own. However, one answer to the headline question is this: “How much time do you have?” If you are looking for a speedy transaction, in general you should look away……
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