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Thinking About That Vacation House? Here Are Some Things to Consider

It happens every year: Thousands of tourists leave the Jersey Shore a short time after Labor Day and say “I wish I had a house here” while looking longingly in their rearview mirrors. After a few years of this, many start to kick around the idea of actually indulging their wish. The Garden State is……
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Just a Few New Reasons to Buy a Home in Cherry Hill

From July 12 to the July 19, the second annual PREIT South Jersey Restaurant will be hitting the region in grand fashion. Throughout the week, restaurants in the area will feature special menu items and pricing, including Bobby’s Burger Palace, Maggiano’s Little Italy Distrito, Osteria and Catelli Duo. It was also recently announced that the……
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Older Americans Increasingly Vulnerable to Foreclosure

When you and your spouse put in years of work and pay your dues in order to be comfortable in your retirement, you’re probably not considering the possibility of having to be on the defense against foreclosure in your 70s and 80s. Nonetheless, this is an increasingly frequent reality for senior citizens across the country…….
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Should I Stay or Should I Go? Making the Decision to Sell Your New Jersey Home

Perhaps you have outgrown your current home, or perhaps now that your children are grown up and out on their own, it’s entirely too big for your needs. Depending upon what stage of life they’re in, many homeowners find themselves playing the Goldilocks and the Three Bears game of “too big, too small, just right.”……
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