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What is Wage Garnishment?

In certain instances, a court can order that a person’s wages be garnished in order to pay off a creditor, to cover mandatory child support payments, or to take care of other legal obligations. When you are hit with a wage garnishment, this means that your employer will be required to withhold a portion of……
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Why Debt Consolidation Isn’t Always the Best Solution: A Bankruptcy Attorney’s Perspective

Financial distress can feel overwhelming, and finding the right path toward resolution can be challenging. Two common strategies that individuals consider when addressing this crisis are debt consolidation and bankruptcy. Both options present potential advantages and disadvantages and must be approached with a clear understanding of the individual’s unique financial circumstances. In this post, we’ll……
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New Jersey Judges Move to Change Contract Cancelation Laws

Since 1983, New Jersey law required attorneys to cancel real estate contracts on behalf of a client via mail, telegram and personal delivery. Recently, the law has been expanded upon now allowing the cancelations to be made by fax or email, making the process a lot more convenient for all parties involved and more current……
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Unemployment Rate Drops in November, Indicates Improving US Economy

Millions of people across the country, including those in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, have been unable to find work for quite some time, leading to a reduced labor force participation rate and creating serious financial concerns for many households. In a lot of cases, people have found themselves unable to pay their bills……
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