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What Is a Reaffirmation Hearing in Bankruptcy?

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, it’s important to sit down with an experienced attorney first to talk through the various phases of the bankruptcy process and to get a better understanding of what is involved with you as the petitioner. Reaffirmation Hearing in Bankruptcy A reaffirmation hearing in bankruptcy is part of……
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Avoiding Debt Settlement Scams

We are all facing uncertain times after the COVID pandemic. Some people may have had their hours reduced or perhaps have lost their jobs entirely. As it stands, there are plenty of companies out there that people who are struggling financially can reach out to in order to file for bankruptcy or help get their……
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Why Debt Consolidation Isn’t Always the Best Solution: A Bankruptcy Attorney’s Perspective

Financial distress can feel overwhelming, and finding the right path toward resolution can be challenging. Two common strategies that individuals consider when addressing this crisis are debt consolidation and bankruptcy. Both options present potential advantages and disadvantages and must be approached with a clear understanding of the individual’s unique financial circumstances. In this post, we’ll……
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Know Your Rights: Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

You applied to a loan or a line of credit and, based on your credit score and past payment history, the lender took a chance on you. Since then, your financial world has collapsed. Perhaps you lost your job or got into a car accident and now have mounting medical bills. It doesn’t matter why……
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Getting a Mortgage After Bankruptcy: The Letter that May Make the Difference

Since filing for bankruptcy protection may shave more than 200 points off your credit score (more if your house was foreclosed on!), it stands to reason that you may not be the picture of a good risk when applying for a mortgage. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a loan approved; a good letter……
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