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What do zombies and vampires have to do with foreclosures?

With Halloween right around the corner, people all across New Jersey are thinking up costumes or practicing their ghoulish makeup for a night of dress-up and fun. But as kids go door-to-door this Halloween, people may want to be aware that there could be some zombies and vampires behind some of those doors in this……
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Finding a real solution to foreclosure

When financial troubles arise, they can seem minor at first. A person might make a late payment here or miss a mortgage payment there, but suddenly these issues can snowball and a person can get buried under unmanageable debt. It might seem simple to ignore the problem or find some short-term solution, but that can……
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Bad at math? Watch out for foreclosure

People all across the country dream of owning a home, and many people work very hard to make this a reality. But in recent years, this dream has become a terrifying nightmare for some homeowners in New Jersey. This is because the threat of foreclosure is a very real concern with which many folks struggle…….
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Man who never missed a mortgage payment facing foreclosure

Many homeowners in New Jersey have felt the stress of keeping up with mortgage payments. This may be especially true for people who are struggling to keep or find a job and those who have significant expenses like medical bills to consider as well. The financial strain that many families are feeling means that it……
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Bank errors, unfair practices cited in 30 percent of foreclosures

Losing a home in foreclosure can be a very upsetting experience. Even the possibility of a foreclosure is enough to cause extreme stress and anxiety for homeowners in New Jersey, and many of them feel as though there is nothing they can do when they are informed that they have defaulted on a loan and……
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