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Can Filing for Bankruptcy Stop the Foreclosure Process in NJ?

Filing for bankruptcy will stop the foreclosure proceeding, at least temporarily. The Automatic Stay, an order issued by the court, requires your creditors to stop actions against you immediately. This means that even if a foreclosure sale on your house is scheduled, it must be postponed while your bankruptcy is pending. This is usually good……
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Facing Foreclosure? Find Out How You May Be Able to Keep Your Home

Facing the thought of having to lose your home, the place that you’ve raised your children and found peace day after day for years, is an incredibly difficult thing to do. Whether you’ve lived there for many years or it’s more of a recent purchases, financial difficulties often impact home ownership. When you can’t pay……
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New Jersey Has the Highest Rate of Mortgage Foreclosures in the United States

New Jersey has been known to be a buyer’s market due to the exceedingly active foreclosures market for quite some time, but the foreclosure epidemic is really only beginning to be grasped by statisticians who study the real estate market. CoreLogic has cited New Jersey as the state with the highest rate of mortgage foreclosures……
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Atlantic City’s Bankruptcies Affect More than Just Casinos

The bankruptcy and subsequent closure of Atlantic City casinos may be having a ripple effect on other businesses in the area. The owners of the $129 million utility plant responsible for heating and cooling the now-closed Revel Casino Hotel have said they might be looking at a bankruptcy filing as well. ACR Energy Partners, a……
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Should I File For Bankruptcy?

If you are in over your head in debt, it’s likely that the idea of filing for bankruptcy protection has crossed your mind. In some situations, you don’t have many choices. In others, however, you may – at least temporarily – be able to convince creditors to extend your terms or some other compromise. After……
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