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Extreme Makeover Winner Loses Home in Foreclosure

A Michigan woman is being forced from her home, one that was built on a hit reality television series, as it has fallen into foreclosure. Eight months after falling into foreclosure, the homeowner is slated to leave her home by Monday. The home was designed on the popular reality television program “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”……
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Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgages

Among the many options overlooked by homeowners, one of the most commonly overlooked is a reversed mortgage. A reverse mortgage is a system that allows homeowners to borrow against their own home equity while still being the homeowner. A reverse mortgage can be a powerful tool for retirees seeking a higher income to live comfortably…….
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Haddonfield Senior With Disabilities Avoids Tax Foreclosure

A local senior no longer has to worry about having to leave her home. She was in danger of losing her Haddonfield home, the one she’s lived in for over 70 years, due to a tax foreclosure. She inherited the house from her mother, who had passed away in 2003. Her mother placed the home……
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Pros and Cons of Short Sales

It’s a jarring, but true statistic that millions of Americans have trouble paying their mortgage. Sometimes it’s because a family will simply live paycheck-to-paycheck, other times it’s because unforeseen situations could even have them facing foreclosure. Owners in this situation may also consider a short sale. A short sale is the process of selling a……
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Local Woman With Disabilities Fights to Keep Her Home

A local Haddonfield woman is facing eviction due to tax debt. The woman, who has developmental and intellectual disabilities, has lived in the home for nearly seven decades. Her mother had left her the home, along with a modest trust to ensure she could live out her days in her lifelong home. The woman’s home is……
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