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Are We on the Brink of a Recession?

The good news: retail sales, industrial production and employment – all up. The U.S. economy doesn’t seem to be on the verge of a slowdown. Unfortunately, before each economic downturn, these three markers historically index higher, even breaking records just before falling. This is why forecasters are generally blindsided by recessions, because they tend to……
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Bank of America Pays $6 Million To Illegally-Evicted Couple

After a bitter eight-year dispute with Bank of America’s mortgage unit, a California couple lost their home in what they argued was an illegal foreclosure. They cited harassment by Bank of America and “related officials” as well. In 2014, the couple filed a suit against Bank of America Mortgage to end a “legal nightmare” that……
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Hurricane Sandy Victims Offered Some Foreclosure Protection

Although it’s been awhile since Hurricane Sandy had made landfall in New Jersey, many homeowners are still trying to rebuild after the damage that occurred. Some of these homeowners are in the process of trying to get their home back and are being hit with foreclosure on top of their struggles. Earlier this year, Governor……
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New List Deems New Jersey with Highest Foreclosure Rates

Owning a home has its many costs. Even for homeowners without a mortgage, the steadily increasing cost of property and state taxes has even made living in a paid off home a financially difficult task for many. Just last year, over one in 142 homeowners faced foreclosure for a variety of reasons. A new study……
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Rapper Lil’ Kim Losing New Jersey Home to Foreclosure

According to Bergen County court records, rapper Lil’ Kim is set to lose her Alpine mansion to foreclosure. The mansion, which Kim bought for $2.2 million in 2002, has reportedly struggled to keep up with her payments for some years. Foreclosure proceedings were set forth by HSBC Bank in 2010. According to information obtained from……
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