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Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgages

Among the many options overlooked by homeowners, one of the most commonly overlooked is a reversed mortgage. A reverse mortgage is a system that allows homeowners to borrow against their own home equity while still being the homeowner. A reverse mortgage can be a powerful tool for retirees seeking a higher income to live comfortably…….
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Disadvantages Of Going Through Foreclosure Without An Attorney

It’s always discouraging to fall behind on your mortgage payments, especially when you’re working so hard to meet them each month. But if you fall far enough behind, the lender may begin the foreclosure process, which means your home will be sold at a public auction, with the proceeds meant to cover some of the……
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What Are Home Foreclosure Adjournments & How Many Can Be Used?

Are you facing foreclosure? If so, you’re not alone, it’s more common in New Jersey than many realize. In fact, we have more active foreclosure cases than any other state in the U.S. It’s a sad reality, and a big part of it is the legal procedures in place. If your house has gone into……
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I’m Facing Foreclosure. Can I Use Bankruptcy?

The potential loss of your home may present a situation that is so difficult that you do not know what to do next. If you are already in foreclosure and are considering bankruptcy, you likely have many different concerns on your mind. You may be wondering whether or not the lender may still be able……
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Pros and Cons of Short Sales

It’s a jarring, but true statistic that millions of Americans have trouble paying their mortgage. Sometimes it’s because a family will simply live paycheck-to-paycheck, other times it’s because unforeseen situations could even have them facing foreclosure. Owners in this situation may also consider a short sale. A short sale is the process of selling a……
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