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When Dealing With Debt Collectors, It Pays To Know Your Rights

So you bought something on credit, but then never saw a bill for it. Perhaps you think: no bill = winner/free stuff! At some point, the company is likely to balance their books and find your debt. But just how long can a creditor wait before attempting to collect on that debt? Am I Off……
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Ending Debt Collection Harassment

There are many factors beyond your control that contribute to your debt. In fact, most people are unable to pay their bills due to the loss of their job, an illness, a divorce or other unexpected life events. These events can be trying, but they won’t stop debt collectors from going after the money you……
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Am I Judgment Proof?

When a creditor attempts to collect on a debt and is granted a judgment against you, they may be restricted if you are judgement proof. Judgement proof simply means that a creditor can’t collect on its judgment even when they have successfully sued you for the money. Usually, creditors have a variety of legal methods……
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Paying “Zombie Debt” in New Jersey Can Cause Big Problems

Many people believe that they should not delay when it comes to paying off their debts and getting back on the road to being in a good financial position. However, you could be in for a big – and not so nice – surprise if you send a check to a debt collector seeking payment……
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US Supreme Court Allows Class Action Lawsuit against Debt Collector to Go Forward

The United States Supreme Court recently struck a blow against unethical and abusive creditors by allowing a class action lawsuit against a debt collector to go forward. The class action suit was initially filed by Saliha Madden, a NY borrower who was joined in the lawsuit by other debtors who objected to Encore Capital Group’s……
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