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US Supreme Court Allows Class Action Lawsuit against Debt Collector to Go Forward

The United States Supreme Court recently struck a blow against unethical and abusive creditors by allowing a class action lawsuit against a debt collector to go forward. The class action suit was initially filed by Saliha Madden, a NY borrower who was joined in the lawsuit by other debtors who objected to Encore Capital Group’s……
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Study Finds That Credit Card Debt Remains a Problem for Many US Consumers

A recent study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (Boston Fed) found that the number of people racking up credit card debt is going up, with just 35 percent of credit card holders in the United States actually paying off their monthly balances in full. Whether it’s a person who simply elects to hold……
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Growing Divide between US Homeowners and Renters

Renters in New Jersey, New York and just about everywhere else in the US are struggling to make the leap to become homebuyers. The economic recession is over and home prices are on the rise. While this is very good news for the two-thirds of adults in the United States who currently own homes, it’s……
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Student Loan Debt Can Cause Prospective Homebuyers to Delay Real Estate Purchases

A recent survey revealed that the vast majority of people paying off student loans are also struggling to purchase a home. In fact, the survey found, one of the major reasons for these individuals’ inability to buy a home is their college-related debt. The survey was conducted by two groups: the National Association of Realtors……
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Study Contradicts Theory That Millionaires Flee States with Higher Taxes

It has long been assumed that high net worth individuals, along with their businesses, are more likely to move when states raise tax rates on the rich. However, a new study shows that perhaps this is inaccurate: millionaires do not necessarily move to low-tax states, or no-tax states, in order to avoid paying a higher……
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