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Study Finds That Many High-Income Workers Have Zero Savings

Debt struggles are a real problem for everybody – even people earning decent livings. A recent study indicates that a large percentage of people earning more than $100,000 annually have very little cash in their savings accounts. The study was conducted by GoBankingRates, the major financial services website, and found that nearly half of individuals……
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Most Americans Can’t Afford to Make Transition from Renting a Home to Buying a Home

The vast majority of Americans who rent do not have the necessary income or credit score to actually purchase a home. That news comes courtesy of a recent study by Zillow, an online real estate database company that helps to connect potential homebuyers with home sellers. The study found that approximately 86 percent of renters……
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US Homeownership Rate at All-Time Low

The homeownership rate in the United States is at its lowest level since 1965, according to a recent report from the US Census Bureau. This is actually an all-time low for homeownership in this country. The main agency of the US Federal Statistical System found that homeownership is down to less than 63 percent. The……
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Consumer Debt Problems Having a Negative Impact on American Retail Businesses

Many Americans suffering from serious debt problems are finding that they don’t have the financial resources needed to shop for retail products. Moreover, the debt issues faced by millions of people in the U.S. are having a significant negative effect on US corporations, particularly businesses in the retail industry. Put simply: without money, American consumers……
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Paying “Zombie Debt” in New Jersey Can Cause Big Problems

Many people believe that they should not delay when it comes to paying off their debts and getting back on the road to being in a good financial position. However, you could be in for a big – and not so nice – surprise if you send a check to a debt collector seeking payment……
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