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3 Major Mistakes You Need to Stop Making with Credit Cards

Credit card debt is one of the major reasons people get in over their heads financially. In addition to medical debt – which actually ranks as the number one reason people are forced to file for bankruptcy – credit card debt can have you borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, as they say. You find……
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Cross-Collateralization: When Unsecured Debt Ends Up Costing You Your Car

Many choose credit unions because they generally offer certain advantages over banks. You might get a better interest rate on a loan, a higher credit limit, fewer fees, or more personalized attention. But credit unions also commonly practice cross-collateralization—a term most have never heard of and rarely pay attention to when scanning the fine print…….
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Many Americans with Financial Struggles Focus on the Present, Don’t Worry About the Future

This is the second article in a blog series on emergency savings and financial security. Check out the first blog article, “Study Finds That Most Americans Can’t Cover Unexpected Emergency Expenses.” Far too many Americans only think about their short-term economic interests and don’t give enough thought to their long-term financial security. Just because a……
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What Is the Means Test in Bankruptcy?

In 2005, the United States enacted the Bankruptcy Reform Act. Under the new guidelines, the courts are able to make a determination about whether or not you would be able to afford payments under a reorganization of your debt – in accordance with a Chapter 13 filing. One of the largest differences between Chapter 7……
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3 Strategies for Getting Debt-Free and Avoiding Debt Problems in the Future

It’s not always easy to keep up with bills. One thing to keep in mind is that staying current with bills is something that many people have to deal with. It’s not your fault if circumstances have put you in a position where you have to make choices between paying one bill and not paying……
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