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Should I File For Bankruptcy?

If you are in over your head in debt, it’s likely that the idea of filing for bankruptcy protection has crossed your mind. In some situations, you don’t have many choices. In others, however, you may – at least temporarily – be able to convince creditors to extend your terms or some other compromise. After……
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The Truth About Filing for Bankruptcy

The concept of filing for bankruptcy protection tends to come with a social stigma. Many people are worried that others will find out they are in over their head financially. The truth is, however, it’s unlikely anyone will know you’ve filed for bankruptcy – unless you tell them. That’s just one of the facts about……
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Small Business Owners Should Be Aware of Loan Covenants

When a bank issues a loan to a small business owner or property investor, the borrower should accept the loan understanding that the lending institution wants to be paid back quickly and in full. To help ensure protection of the bank’s loan, the business loan agreement will often contain certain conditions or parameters which must……
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