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Avoiding Debt Settlement Scams

We are all facing uncertain times during this global pandemic. Some people may have had their hours reduced or perhaps have lost their jobs entirely. As it stands, there are plenty of companies out there that people who are struggling financially can reach out to in order to file for bankruptcy or help get their……
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Repossession Laws In New Jersey: What Consumers Need to Know

When you start getting behind on your bills, the thoughts of default, repossession, bankruptcy, and loss of quality of life is enough to make anyone fearful and avoidant. During these uncertain times, it’s critical to communicate with your lenders. Most businesses and lenders are willing to work with you either pausing your payments or coming……
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Don’t Load Up on Debt to Build Credit

An individual’s credit score is one of the most important numbers attached to their identity. It can play a deterministic role in your financial decisions because it impacts your ability to be approved for loans and credit cards, how much interest you pay and the likelihood you’ll be approved for renting an apartment. Several websites……
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Cross-Collateralization: When Unsecured Debt Ends Up Costing You Your Car

When seeking the services of a financial institution, many choose credit unions instead of banks because they generally offer certain advantages over banks. You might get a better interest rate on a loan, a higher credit limit, fewer fees, or more personalized attention. But credit unions also commonly practice cross-collateralization – a term most have……
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