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The Biggest Mistake Consumers Make is Not Checking their Credit Regularly

Perhaps you don’t feel you have any reason to believe your credit report is anything but clean and shiny. Or, you know for a fact that it’s quite tarnished and have decided ignorance is bliss. Or, maybe you are somewhere in between but just don’t understand why it’s worth checking anyway. Maybe you think, “even……
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FICO Unveils Pilot Program for Consumers with Low & Zero Credit Scores

Your credit score, commonly referred to as your FICO score, measures a consumer’s credit risk. It is calculated based on your paying history with current lenders. If you pay your bills on time, you likely have a high score – possibly over 700. If you’ve missed many payments, you could have a score as low……
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Credit Stopping You from Obtaining a Mortgage? You May Have Options

While it’s unlikely that you will get approved for a $400,000 mortgage with a 500 credit score, you may have options if you’re looking to purchase a new home with less than perfect credit. More and more private lenders are focusing on things other than FICO score to determine eligibility for a home loan. Claiming……
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What’s a Good Credit Score – and Why Does it Matter?

When it comes to credit scores, like everything else in life, “good” is in the eye of the beholder. Someone with good credit is in a position to obtain loans with better than average interest rates. However, if you want the best borrowing terms available in the marketplace, “good” likely won’t cut it. You need……
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Getting a Loan after an NJ Bankruptcy: Is It Even Possible?

A common worry among potential bankruptcy filers is that they will be unable to get any form of loan after they declare bankruptcy – for at least seven years! However, whether or not you can get approved for a loan after your bankruptcy filing doesn’t always hinge on how long it has been since the……
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