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5 Factors That Affect How Credit Bureaus Calculate Credit Scores

Finding yourself in a position of contemplating bankruptcy can bring up a lot of questions such as: How does a new bankruptcy affect my credit score vs. an old one? Some might be surprised to find out that in a number of cases, filing bankruptcy might actually improve your credit standing. How a bankruptcy impacts……
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The Fair Credit Reporting Act: Your Rights and Common Violations

Credit reporting agencies, creditors and other users of such information are subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. If any of these types of entities are found violating this act, then it may be possible to seek damages from the offender in civil court. Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act The Fair Credit……
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Life After Bankruptcy: Raising Your Credit Score

While most believe that bankruptcy has a negative connotation, it is actually designed to help you get your finances in order. Maybe you spent more than you could afford or acquired a few too many credit cards to the point you could no longer keep up. Responsibly managing finances is not easy and not something……
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5 Bad Credit Myths Debunked

There is a lot of misinformation online regarding credit and credit scores. The age of anyone being able to access their credit score at any time, often free of charge, as well as the newfound popularity of credit monitoring apps, has rekindled the conversation about maintaining good credit. Below are five common bad credit myths……
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Stop Procrastinating: Check Your Credit Report for Free Today

This article is the third article in a multi-part series on steps you can take right now to get your financial health in order. Resolutions are all about goals. If your goal is to get financially healthy in 2016, monitor your credit regularly. You see and hear the commercials all the time. There are cute……
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