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Can understanding credit cards can help people avoid debt?

One of the types of debt that many folks across New Jersey struggle with the most is credit card. This may be because credit cards are widely used and are made available to nearly everyone.

Tips for dealing with debt collectors

People all across the country are struggling in this economy. Unemployment and foreclosure rates remain high, and an aging population is ending up with mounting medical bills that they cannot cover.

Baby boomers seeing boom in credit card debt

When people think of the type of person who is carrying debt on credit cards, the stereotype of a young person with low income levels and high spending habits may come to mind.

Who has more credit card debt: older or younger Americans?

A common misconception about people with credit card debt is that they are irresponsible with their money. However, the reality is that many people who are struggling with debt in New Jersey and nationwide have had to deal with skyrocketing medical bills, foreclosure and unemployment.