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Federal Reserve Announces Interest Rate Hike

The Federal Reserve just announced an interest rate hike, which could have a major impact on the average American’s finances going forward by affecting the interest rates for new car purchases, credit cards and home mortgages. The rate hike comes at an important moment for the U.S. economy, with more and more Americans struggling to……
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Bankruptcy Statistics Drop, but that Doesn’t Mean Much for Those in Debt

According to the Fitch Ratings’ Report, annual U.S. personal bankruptcy filings are dropping for the fifth year in a row. However, the report also states that the rating decline should begin to level off soon, as lending guidelines become more lax. Total bankruptcy filings are predicted to fall another eight to 10 percent in 2015…….
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Senior Citizens Facing Mounting Debt Have Options

For most people, the idea of going to work every day and earning a living to pay for the things their family needs and wants is commonplace. After years of working – and saving – getting to retirement age can mean mounting debt. For senior citizens, who have certainly paid their dues and spent decades……
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Statute of Limitations on Credit Card Debt in NJ

Creditors and collection agencies have a set amount of time to sue people who are behind on their credit card bills. This is called a statute of limitations; in most states, according to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the window is between three and 10 years. In New Jersey, the statute of limitations by which……
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Credit Report Mistakes: How Does That Even Happen?

There are seven billion people in the world; that’s a lot of credit reports. Simply, put, mistakes happen in all areas of business. The vast majority of the time, credit report errors are just that: mistakes. That being said, if you are aware of how these mistakes can happen, you can do your best to……
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