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3 Major Mistakes You Need to Stop Making with Credit Cards

Credit card debt is one of the major reasons people get in over their head financially. In addition to medical debt – which actually ranks as the number one reason people are forced to file for bankruptcy – credit card debt can have you borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, as they say. You find……
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In the Military? Yes, You Can File for Bankruptcy Protection

Members of the US Armed Forces have just as much right to file for bankruptcy protection as civilians. In fact, while one or both spouses are away from home serving their country, it’s not unusual for bills to pile up. Recent economic conditions have made it difficult to make ends meet and being away for……
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Drowning In Debt? Don’t Do This!

Lying awake at night, thinking about where the money is going to come from to pay the stack of mounting bills is unnerving and all-consuming. Being in debt quickly becomes so overwhelming that people often make choices that make the problem worse, instead of better. If you are dealing with a financial crisis at home,……
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Five Ways to Reduce Family Stress During Bankruptcy

Being bankrupt to the point that you may lose your home is one of the most stressful things that can happen to you. It is one of the rare issues that can cause divorce among otherwise happy couples and strife within the family. Now is the time to work on your stress management skills. At……
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