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Paperwork Needed to File for Bankruptcy in Voorhees, NJ

You should be proud and confident in the decision you have made to file for bankruptcy. Whether you have chosen Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you have given yourself the best possible chance at getting your finances back on track. Both options include a fair amount of forms that need to be filled……
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Disadvantages of Filing for Bankruptcy Without an Attorney

It goes without saying that if you are filing for bankruptcy then you probably have some financial struggles you are dealing with. At this point, it probably seems counter-intuitive to pay for an attorney when you are already pinching pennies. Well, under the laws of bankruptcy, you are not actually required to use an attorney……
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What Is Involuntary Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is typically advertised as an option you can turn to in a tough financial situation. It provides you with a way to discharge some, if not all, of your debt and get you back on track to a sound financial future. In rare situations, an unwilling debtor might get forced into involuntary bankruptcy by……
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Bankruptcy and Unpaid Traffic Citations in New Jersey

Being in a tight financial bind with bankruptcy on your mind is a tough situation to find yourself in. You might be thinking, “How can this get any worse?” Then you get hit with a traffic citation that you cannot pay, swiftly providing you with an answer to your query. Perhaps you already had traffic……
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Senior Citizens and Bankruptcy in NJ

More and more elderly Americans are looking to bankruptcy for relief, especially because of the rising costs of healthcare. And despite there being advantages for senior citizens over other debtors, that does not necessarily mean that bankruptcy is the right choice. How much a bankruptcy will help tends to vary on a case-by-case basis. You……
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