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Inexpensive “Starter” Homes Disappearing from the US Real Estate Market

Home sales to potential first-time homeowners are on the decline. And now experts who have examined the data are speculating that one of the biggest reasons for this downturn is that low-cost starter homes are no longer as readily available as they were in years past. Worse yet for prospective homebuyers with minimal assets (including……
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Growing Divide between US Homeowners and Renters

Renters in New Jersey, New York and just about everywhere else in the US are struggling to make the leap to become homebuyers. The economic recession is over and home prices are on the rise. While this is very good news for the two-thirds of adults in the United States who currently own homes, it’s……
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Student Loan Debt Can Cause Prospective Homebuyers to Delay Real Estate Purchases

A recent survey revealed that the vast majority of people paying off student loans are also struggling to purchase a home. In fact, the survey found, one of the major reasons for these individuals’ inability to buy a home is their college-related debt. The survey was conducted by two groups: the National Association of Realtors……
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Home Inventory Is Down, Limiting the Real Estate Market in New Jersey

The housing market in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and in many other areas of the country is particularly strong right now. However, this is actually posing problems for home sellers and potential home buyers because there simply are not enough homes staying on the market for sale. Nationwide home inventory in May 2016 was nearly four……
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