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Declaring Bankruptcy for Your Business

Declaring Bankruptcy It’s not uncommon for a small business to struggle. Unfortunately, it happens pretty often and with the toll the global pandemic has had on many small businesses, bankruptcy might be the last option. A bankruptcy for your business may be in order if you find that it has accrued a significant amount of……
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Avoiding Debt Settlement Scams

We are all facing uncertain times during this global pandemic. Some people may have had their hours reduced or perhaps have lost their jobs entirely. As it stands, there are plenty of companies out there that people who are struggling financially can reach out to in order to file for bankruptcy or help get their……
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Bankruptcy: Do I Have to Liquidate My Business?

Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult time for anyone, especially if it results in the loss of a business. Many business owners wonder if filing for bankruptcy does, in fact, mean the liquidation of their business. The answer varies from situation to situation based on a multitude of factors. Generally, it comes down to a……
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I Took Out a Business Loan in New Jersey. Can It Be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

Taking out lines of credit can expose you to problems down the line if you’re unable to pay that credit back. Credit cards, for example, are some of the most commonly discharged issues inside a bankruptcy case. However, many people have questions about what happens to a business loan that they took out to start……
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Small Business Debt

Plenty of people have the dream to become an entrepreneur and own a small business. Unfortunately, however, those who accumulate a great a deal of debt in order to have the business didn’t realize the consequences of having that debt that would lead into many years in the future. Many small business debtors have delayed……
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