Debts Discharged in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in New Jersey

Many people elect to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy since it is a good choice to discharge most or all of your debt. Of course, there are a few debts that can be categorized as non-dischargeable, but under Chapter 7 there are plenty of different types of debt that CAN be discharged. For starters, a……
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Reaffirming Your Car Loan is NOT a Requirement in NJ Bankruptcy

Despite what you might have been told by your creditors, you may not have to sign a reaffirmation agreement on your car loan in order to avoid repossession or to rebuild your credit score after filing for bankruptcy. What is a Reaffirmation Agreement? A reaffirmation agreement is a voluntary document that legally obligates a borrower……
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3 Tips To Avoid Identity Theft & Credit Card Fraud

We live in a scary time. Modern technology makes it very easy for people to remain anonymous, which gives fraudsters more chances to try and steal your identity and credit cards. It’s possible your information has already been compromised. But you don’t have to sit back and let people steal from you. You have the……
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Disadvantages Of Going Through Foreclosure Without An Attorney

It’s always discouraging to fall behind on your mortgage payments, especially when you’re working so hard to meet them each month. But if you fall far enough behind, the lender may begin the foreclosure process, which means your home will be sold at a public auction, with the proceeds meant to cover some of the……
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5 Steps Toward Building a Better Credit Score in New Jersey

The need for a good credit score is an increasingly important fact of life. Not only do credit scores influence your ability to get a loan, but they are also now often used to determine whether you will be hired for a job or allowed to rent an apartment.