Suit Alleges Medical Debt Collectors Are Holding Patients Hostage

Anybody who has had expensive medical treatment lately knows just how relentless medical debt collectors can be. Even if you are fortunate enough to have health insurance, the co-pays and deductibles alone can be difficult to afford. In some cases, debt collectors don’t even wait for the insurance company to process the bill before coming……
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Credit Cards Still Keeping Many Americans Afloat

It’s hard to turn on the news these days without hearing stories about how – slowly, but surely – the U.S. economy is getting back on track.

When it Comes to Bankruptcy, Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

The Great Recession has pushed bankruptcy into the national spotlight. As a result – and rightly so – there’s a lot less stigma attached to seeking debt relief than there once was. Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide significant relief to struggling debtors. However, New Jersey bankruptcy attorneys encounter many people who……
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Student Loan Discharge Granted to Woman With Asperger’s

The bad economy, combined with the rising cost of higher education, has left millions Americans with student loans they cannot afford to pay back. Usually, the solution to unmanageable debt is to discharge the obligations in bankruptcy. However, it is much harder to discharge student loans than other types of debt like credit cards, medical……
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New Jersey: Second-Highest Foreclosure Rate in the Country

Years after the beginning of the financial crisis, New Jersey is still suffering severely from its effects. A recent report by the Mortgage Bankers Association shows 8.4 percent of New Jersey’s mortgage loans are now in foreclosure, the second-highest rate in the nation. Only Florida has a higher percentage of mortgage loans in foreclosure, at……
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