Anti-foreclosure program in New Jersey under review

In recent years, Americans have been fighting to stay afloat in a struggling economy with weak employment growth. While there is a seemingly endless supply of statistics that either support or refute an improvement in our economy, these statistics may mean very little to the families in New Jersey who are facing the immediate possibility of……
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Medical bills continue to scar credit reports

It is no secret that many Americans are struggling financially these days. However, people who are battling debt don’t exactly feel comfortable discussing their financial woes. Too often, there is a stigma that people who are filing for bankruptcy protection or facing the foreclosure of a home are irresponsible with money. In reality, many people……
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New Jersey Now Has Second-Worst Housing Problem In U.S.

All it takes is a drive through almost any neighborhood in New Jersey to see just how bad the state’s housing crisis has become. On nearly every block, you can see houses that are up for sale or have simply fallen into disrepair as a result of their owners’ financial struggles. Now, the numbers are……
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