Former NBA star buried in debt, home in foreclosure

Every person in New Jersey and nationwide has likely faced money troubles at one time or another. This may be truer in the current economy as people struggle with medical bills and unemployment. However, there are other issues that can contribute to rising levels of personal debt. When it comes to professional athletes in particular,……
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Woman may lose her house after serious bank error

When people are faced with the possibility of losing their home in New Jersey, it is generally because they have been unable to keep up with mortgage payments. Many homeowners have lost their jobs and cannot find work, or they have gotten injured or sick and must make room in the budget for mounting medical……
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Should some New Jersey residents avoid Black Friday?

With Black Friday rapidly approaching, retailers in New Jersey and nationwide have their sights focused squarely on getting consumers to come out and spend money.

‘CSI’ star files for bankruptcy to protect home

People often and unfairly associate bankruptcy with irresponsible spending and unsustainable lavish lifestyles. However, as many of us know, that is often not the case. In fact, people all across New Jersey are faced with debt that is out of control due to a lost job, mounting medical bills or a divorce. While it can……
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