Who has more credit card debt: older or younger Americans?

A common misconception about people with credit card debt is that they are irresponsible with their money. However, the reality is that many people who are struggling with debt in New Jersey and nationwide have had to deal with skyrocketing medical bills, foreclosure and unemployment.

Is harassment from collection agencies legal?

For people who are struggling with unpaid bills, credit card debt and the possibility of foreclosure, it may seem like there is no end to the stress and tension that often comes with these financial issues. The strain of mounting debt can seem to take over every area of a person’s life. It is important……
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Fashion designer’s financial future looking good after bankruptcy

There is no doubt that many people across New Jersey have made a New Year’s resolution to make this the year that they get their finances organized and under control. For the past year, many residents have struggled with mortgage payments, medical bills and credit card debt. People have been harassed by creditors and phone……
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How do foreclosures affect renters in New Jersey?

Homeowners across the country are likely aware of what may be at stake if they fall behind on their mortgage payments. They know that if they can no longer make these payments on their home, they can face the possibility of foreclosure. This process can be devastating for New Jersey homeowners who may already be……
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