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How Frequently Can You File for Bankruptcy?

Getting into a difficult financial situation is hard for anyone, but it is particularly difficult for someone who has already filed bankruptcy. Unless a bankruptcy court issues orders stating otherwise, there are no clear restrictions about the number of bankruptcy cases that you are eligible to file. However, you might need to wait a certain……
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I Received a Settlement Following Bankruptcy. Now What?

After going through the process of filing for bankruptcy, you may have hoped that all of your concerns have been appropriately addressed. However, what happens if you receive a large settlement after you filed for bankruptcy? If you get money from an insurance policy or a lawsuit, it’s important to realize that this money may……
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What Information Do I Have to Disclose When Filing for Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy should always begin with the consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, who can help you figure out what is in your best interests and how to proceed with minimal disruptions to your life. Understanding what you may need to disclose in the bankruptcy process is also important because there are so many……
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I’m Facing Foreclosure. Can I Use Bankruptcy?

The potential loss of your home may present a situation that is so difficult that you do not know what to do next. If you are already in foreclosure and are considering bankruptcy, you likely have many different concerns on your mind. You may be wondering whether or not the lender may still be able……
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