Don’t Load Up on Debt to Build Credit

An individual’s credit score is one of the most important numbers attached to their identity. It can play a deterministic role in your financial decisions because it impacts your ability to be approved for loans and credit cards, how much interest you pay and the likelihood you’ll be approved for renting an apartment. Several websites…Read More

How long will my Chapter 13 bankruptcy take?

Just because you have a job does not necessarily mean you are making money. As you work day in and day out to provide for yourself and your family, your paycheck just might not be making ends meet. It is an unfortunate scenario to live in but there are ways for those dealing with debt…Read More

Debt collection in New Jersey: Know your rights

It is never easy to work hard all week knowing you will still end up behind on payments or remain in debt. That pressure of always knowing you are not making ends meet can be extremely stressful. It only gets worse when that pressure transforms from notices in the mail, to phone calls, to people…Read More

Can Bankruptcy In New Jersey Help Me Get Rid Of Debts From Credit Card Fraud?

Credit card fraud occurs when purchases or charges are made on a credit card without an intent to pay back the creditor. At times, an unauthorized user may make these charges on a victim’s account. Other times, the account holder willingly abuses their line of credit and then tries to renege on their agreement to…Read More

Who Can File for Bankruptcy in New Jersey?

Most people are eligible to file for New jersey bankruptcy protection. Whether or not you are eligible to file is based on several different factors and typically the most common issue in these cases is whether or not you can file but which bankruptcy Chapter is most applicable determined by your goals and financial situation.…Read More

Client Testimonials

"Joel was very thorough in every aspect of preparation, presentation and representation of our very complex bankruptcy case. Joel and his staff
were extremely reponsive to our questions and concerns and made us feel that we were their most important client. Joel gave us every option
to consider and his objectiveness was a check and balance to our emotional perspective of our situation. In court Joel had a tremendous
rapport with the judges and court administrators which gave us great confidence in expecting a favorable outcome..." [read more]


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