Difference Between Bankruptcy Dismissal and Discharge

 The definition of a bankruptcy discharge is a simple one. Discharge refers to the debt that gets wiped out when you file a bankruptcy case. When you receive your discharge it will prohibit creditors from collecting on any qualifying debts once your case concludes. People sometimes confuse this term with bankruptcy dismissal, which is something…Read More

Judgment Liens Explained

 When it comes to lawsuits of any kind there are generally many terms that you might not recognize or are unsure of their meaning. It is important to know these definitions and what they mean for you and your lawsuit. One term many people do not know much about is a judgment lien. It sounds…Read More

Bankruptcy Discharge Objections

 Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a great way to get most or all of your debts discharged at the end of the bankruptcy. And while you might think you are in the clear when it is over, it is important to know that a bankruptcy trustee or creditor can still challenge some of those…Read More

Should I File for Bankruptcy if My Spouse Has A Good Job?

 There are many different scenarios that can arise in life that might prompt you to consider bankruptcy. While it may feel embarrassing to do so, there is no shame in filing for bankruptcy, especially since its main purpose is to help people get their finances in order and provide a fresh financial start. When it…Read More

Should I file for Bankruptcy with a Reverse Mortgage?

 Taking out a reverse mortgage can help you resolve financial issues if you are at least 62 years old and have equity in your house. Another option is to file for bankruptcy to help your financial situation. Both options are viable but some think taking it one more step and filing for bankruptcy with a…Read More

Client Testimonials

"Joel was very thorough in every aspect of preparation, presentation and representation of our very complex bankruptcy case. Joel and his staff
were extremely reponsive to our questions and concerns and made us feel that we were their most important client. Joel gave us every option
to consider and his objectiveness was a check and balance to our emotional perspective of our situation. In court Joel had a tremendous
rapport with the judges and court administrators which gave us great confidence in expecting a favorable outcome..." [read more]


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