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Debt Restructure Rescues Charlotte Russe

While financial struggles often impact individuals, it can also happen on a much larger scale. Businesses and companies often run into financial troubles that could ruin them. Recently, Charlotte Russe, a popular juniors brand company was facing $240 million of debt, which was due to mature come 2019. Fortunately for the San Francisco based company……
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Your Bank Accounts and Bankruptcy

A common question when it comes to filing for bankruptcy is whether or not you will lose all the money you have in your bank account. The short answer is that it depends on the type of bank accounts you have and what bankruptcy exemptions may apply. For instance, a 401(k) and many other retirement……
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Exempt Property in Bankruptcy

Choosing to file for bankruptcy is a difficult and involved decision. After dealing with many financial hardships to the point where you cannot keep up, you have to decide whether or not bankruptcy is the answer to your financial problems. Many people weighing the options are wary of bankruptcy. This may be due to the……
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Is Your Pension Safe in Bankruptcy?

It makes sense for anyone with a pension to have a desire to keep it. Your pension is an investment fund that you have been contributing to throughout your working life. You deserve it. That is why it should be comforting to know that if you hit financial hardships, your pension is safe when you……
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Bankruptcy: What is the Homestead Exemption?

When many people hear or think bankruptcy, they imagine losing all of their belongings, money and sitting on the curb without a place to live. The truth is that you do not lose everything when you choose to file for bankruptcy and that you could even protect some or all of your nest egg through……
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