Three Debt Classifications In Bankruptcy

  During your bankruptcy claim, the courts will classify each of your debts. How your debt is classified will determine how the courts will treat it. The three basic types of debts are unsecured, secured and priority claims. The classification of your debt will play a major role in whether the claim can be discharged. EXPERIENCED…Read More

Can I File For Bankruptcy Without an Attorney?

Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is complicated, and many people choose to go through these proceedings without an experienced bankruptcy attorney on their side. It’s not necessary to enlist the help of a trusted legal professional, but there are some common pitfalls that everyone needs to know about before attempting to file on their own.…Read More

When Financial Trouble Looms, Here’s How to Think About Your House

  When you’re facing financial trouble, one of your first concerns may be how to keep your house. Here’s where to look for the information you need to understand your options and protect your home. 1. Take a look at your mortgage. Start by pulling out your mortgage paperwork and taking a look at it…Read More

Will I Lose My Home During Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Proceedings?

Filing for bankruptcy can be a frightening time, especially when you and your family’s home is at risk. Thankfully, there are options for you, and it is possible to prevent a pending foreclosure when you file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It’s natural to panic when you start getting behind on mortgage payments or can’t…Read More

Am I Judgment Proof?

When a creditor attempts to collect on a debt and is granted a judgment against you, they may be restricted if you are judgement proof. Judgement proof simply means that a creditor can’t collect on its judgment even when they have successfully sued you for the money. Usually, creditors have a variety of legal methods…Read More

Client Testimonials

"Joel was very thorough in every aspect of preparation, presentation and representation of our very complex bankruptcy case. Joel and his staff
were extremely reponsive to our questions and concerns and made us feel that we were their most important client. Joel gave us every option
to consider and his objectiveness was a check and balance to our emotional perspective of our situation. In court Joel had a tremendous
rapport with the judges and court administrators which gave us great confidence in expecting a favorable outcome..." [read more]


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