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How Much Does It Cost To File For Bankruptcy In New Jersey?

While filing for bankruptcy tends to have a negative connotation, in reality, it serves as a great way for those struggling with money or debts to get a fresh start. But, as is the case with many things in this world, filing for bankruptcy is not free. This may make it a daunting or seemingly……
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What Is the Means Test in Bankruptcy?

In 2005, the United States enacted the Bankruptcy Reform Act. Under the new guidelines, the courts are able to make a determination about whether or not you would be able to afford payments under a reorganization of your debt – in accordance with a Chapter 13 filing. One of the largest differences between Chapter 7……
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Joel R. Spivack Receives “Awesome Attorney” Award for 2018

The most outstanding lawyers in all of New Jersey are voted on each year by the readers of South Jersey Magazine, and for the fourth consecutive year, Joel R. Spivack has been named one of the Awesome Attorneys in South Jersey. Joel Spivack has been helping clients for more than 25 years. He continues to……
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The Powers of Bankruptcy

If you are in a stressful financial situation and have incurred serious debt, bankruptcy is an option that can help right your ship. It has been proven to help people get their finances in order and can even alleviate some of the immediate problems you might have been facing as a result of your debt…….
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Essential Questions About Bankruptcy and Your Credit

Too many people believe that bankruptcy is a bad thing. It has a negative reputation because it implies that times are bad and your finances are probably nonexistent. In reality, bankruptcy is a step in the right direction to get your finances organized and on a track, and it should be viewed in a positive……
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