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What Happens to My Business if I File for Personal Bankruptcy?

Despite having a negative stigma, bankruptcy is often a great way to get a fresh financial start. In fact, one of the main purposes of bankruptcy is to help those who need it most by wiping the slate clean (or close to it). Filing for bankruptcy could be a great way to handle the extensive……
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Filing an Emergency Bankruptcy in New Jersey

Filing for bankruptcy is typically a process that should not be rushed. The bankruptcy process is complex, and the law requires you to completely, accurately, and truthfully disclose all debts, assets, income, expenses, and other financial information. Missing a deadline or making a mistake out of haste could create difficulty later on in your filing…….
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5 Steps to Take Before Filing for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is often associated with hitting rock bottom, and this negative stigma leads many people to shy away from filing. But the truth is bankruptcy is a great option available if you’re in a difficult financial situation. Bankruptcy can give you a financial reset and the ability to live the life you always wanted. If……
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Is Information From A Bankruptcy Public?

Privacy has been, and most likely always will be, desirable in many aspects of your life. It becomes especially desirable in times of struggle and can play a big part in the decisions you make to help yourself. When it comes to bankruptcy, many worry about how public the information is going to be. Is……
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What Is the Means Test in Bankruptcy?

In 2005, the United States enacted the Bankruptcy Reform Act. Under the new guidelines, the courts are able to make a determination about whether or not you would be able to afford payments under a reorganization of your debt – in accordance with a Chapter 13 filing. One of the largest differences between Chapter 7……
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