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What Is the Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Requirement in NJ or PA?

Before you can file for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in either New Jersey or Pennsylvania, you have to consult a non-profit credit counseling agency. This is required by law and the primary purpose of such a consultation is to figure out whether or not there is way for you to handle your……
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Know Your Rights: Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

You applied to a loan or a line of credit and, based on your credit score and past payment history, the lender took a chance on you. Since then, your financial world has collapsed. Perhaps you lost your job or got into a car accident and now have mounting medical bills. It doesn’t matter why……
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The Ins And Outs Of Wage Garnishment & How To Avoid It

In the world of debt collection, wage garnishment is the equivalent of bringing in the “big guns.” It’s a regular payment to a creditor, taken from a paycheck by the employer. This is a powerful tool used by creditors to get repaid, but it also requires that they initiate a lawsuit – something many are reluctant to……
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The Disadvantages of Delaying Bankruptcy

There is a multitude of reasons that you may sit back and wait on filing for bankruptcy. One of the more common reasons for people delaying filing for bankruptcy is that they believe their financial situation will improve. Sometimes, this is the case; however, more often, it simply is not the case. Other factors that……
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6 Tips to Rebuilding Your Credit After Bankruptcy in NJ or PA

The decision to declare bankruptcy is very difficult. The goal of filing bankruptcy is to give a troubled debtor a fresh start, yet it affects your future credit, your reputation, and your self-image. Thankfully it also considerably improves your short-term quality of life, alleviates many of your financial obligations, and you may be able to……
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