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Will Student Loans Get Discharged if I File for Bankruptcy?

The only silver lining to student loans is the fact that you are not the only person dealing with them. Hundreds of thousands of new students each year are unable to afford tuition and turn to both government and private lenders for student loans. Over the course of pursuing higher education, the loans pile up…….
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Bankruptcy and Newlyweds

There are many advantages that come with being married. For instance, now that you are married you have the option to file a joint bankruptcy with your spouse and discharge your debts together. Filing jointly can save you time and money. A joint bankruptcy is great for saving time because it eliminates separate hearings. All……
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Bankruptcy: What to Consider

Bankruptcy is intended to provide debtors with a way out of debt and fresh financial start. And while it is a quick and easy option, filing for bankruptcy might not actually be in your best interest. It depends on your individual circumstances, as well as other factors. That is why the decision to file for……
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Bankruptcy Advantages

Today, the word bankruptcy is considered negative. Many people view bankruptcy as something detrimental and bad for your life. And while it is true your credit score will take a hit, bankruptcy is intended to be a good thing and should be viewed as such. For starters, bankruptcy is a way to clear or discharge……
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Unlisted Debts In A No-Asset Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case

A no-asset Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is where there are no nonexempt assets to repay your creditors with. When filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are required to list all of your debts, regardless of if you think they will be wiped out by your discharge. Typically, any unlisted debts will not be discharged but……
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