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The Rise in Elderly Bankruptcy

When you’ve gotten buried under piles of unpayable debt, one legal remedy is to file for bankruptcy status. Put plainly, bankruptcy means that you have been deemed legally unable to pay certain debts to creditors. This solution is often seen as a last resort for debtors, but in many cases, it is an effective solution……
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Bankruptcy Court and Challenging the Expert Witness

Expert witness testimony is often used during court proceedings, but witnesses who testify during bankruptcy court follow different rules than those who are testifying in criminal or district court. The opposing legal team will often attempt to challenge the testimony of an expert witness during bankruptcy cases, and the expert is required to make a……
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Recovering After Bankruptcy

Everyone who files for bankruptcy does so as a last resort. It’s never an ideal situation but filing for bankruptcy can help individuals with overwhelming debt make a new start. Following the 2008 recession, over 1.1 million Americans made the decision to file for bankruptcy. Thankfully, there is life after bankruptcy. Bouncing back from your……
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Can Bankruptcy Stop a Credit Card Debt Lawsuit in NJ?

You might not have thought it would ever get this far. One missed credit card payment here, and another missed one there, and soon enough, you do not have the money to pay what you owe. The time has come for your creditor to take action and they are suing you for an unpaid credit……
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