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The Ins and Outs of Wage Garnishment and How to Stop It!

The Ins and Outs of Wage Garnishment and How to STOP It In the world of debt collection, wage garnishment is the equivalent of bringing in the “big guns.” It’s a regular payment to a creditor, taken directly from your paycheck by your employer. This is a powerful tool used by creditors to get repaid……
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5 Factors That Affect How Credit Bureaus Calculate Credit Scores

Finding yourself in a position of contemplating bankruptcy can bring up a lot of questions such as: How does a new bankruptcy affect my credit score vs. an old one? Some might be surprised to find out that in a number of cases, filing bankruptcy might actually improve your credit standing. How bankruptcy impacts a……
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How Often Can I File For Bankruptcy In NJ?

Getting into a difficult financial situation is hard for anyone, but it’s harder for someone who’s already filed for bankruptcy. There are no clear restrictions about the number of bankruptcy cases that you are eligible to file unless a bankruptcy court issues orders stating otherwise. However, you might need to wait a certain period of……
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6 Signs it’s Time to Consider Filing Bankruptcy

“I’ll get around to it.” You’ve probably said that sentence a time or two in your life. Maybe you’ve even said it about paying your bills. Unfortunately, pushing things aside for later can lead to big problems. Avoiding bills can only last so long before you’re too far behind to catch up on the payments…….
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Does Bankruptcy Affect Future or Current Employment?

You might be hesitant to file for bankruptcy because you’re afraid you might lose your job. Maybe you’re concerned that a potential employer will deny your employment if you filed for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you can’t meet your financial demands with a job, how would you meet them without one? Will……
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