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Exempt Property in Bankruptcy

Choosing to file for bankruptcy is a difficult and involved decision. After dealing with many financial hardships to the point where you cannot keep up, you have to decide whether or not bankruptcy is the answer to your financial problems. Many people weighing the options are wary of bankruptcy. This may be due to the……
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Is Your Pension Safe in Bankruptcy?

It makes sense for anyone with a pension to have a desire to keep it. Your pension is an investment fund that you have been contributing to throughout your working life. You deserve it. That is why it should be comforting to know that if you hit financial hardships, your pension is safe when you……
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Bankruptcy: What is the Homestead Exemption?

When many people hear or think bankruptcy, they imagine losing all of their belongings, money and sitting on the curb without a place to live. The truth is that you do not lose everything when you choose to file for bankruptcy and that you could even protect some or all of your nest egg through……
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The 3 Types of Creditor Claims in Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is an option many people take when they need to free themselves from financial hardship and get a fresh start. It is not for everyone but it is more than helpful for those who qualify. When filing for bankruptcy it is important to know how the courts will treat your debts. When……
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How Does Bankruptcy Affect a Lawsuit?

During a personal injury lawsuit, you or the other party may also find that your debts far exceed your ability to pay them. As a result, either party might realize that it’s time to file for bankruptcy. A bankruptcy filing during a lawsuit makes both the bankruptcy and the lawsuit more complicated. You may need……
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