Cherry Hill Consumer Protection Lawyer Protects Against Foreclosure Scams

The thought of foreclosure is devastating to many people. If you are about to lose your home, you will likely try everything possible to avoid having to give it up. Beware; there are scams that exist that are not meant to protect your best interests. These foreclosure scams could end up causing even more stressful issues that could affect your financial life for years.

Learn about your options for debt relief and how bankruptcy can help you. I am highly experienced bankruptcy lawyer Joel R. Spivack. I have helped thousands of people get debt relief through bankruptcy. The level of quality services I provide for clients is seen through my proven track record. I am a trusted resource for bankruptcy law advice throughout New Jersey.

What Are the Signs of Foreclosure Scams in New Jersey?

There are many advertisements for foreclosure defense firms. Companies say they can help people avoid foreclosure without having to file for bankruptcy. Unfortunately, many of these are scams. People need to be aware that these scams are out there and that they should be avoided. Signs of foreclosure scams can include:

  • Companies that ask you to pay an upfront fee before they negotiate with your lender
  • Companies that tell you an auditor will look at your case and get back to you about helping you avoid foreclosure
  • Companies that advertise rent-to-own offers

The language that scammers use is often simple, but it can be deceptive. They may guarantee loan modifications, or that you can avoid foreclosure, or that you can have a 100 percent money back guarantee. Learn more about how the scammers operate by viewing the Federal Trade Commission’s page on facts for consumers on loan modifications and foreclosure.

As an experienced Cherry Hill foreclosure scams attorney, I know that one of the best and most effective types of debt relief is bankruptcy. I am here to guide you through this process and help you avoid pitfalls and traps such as foreclosure and mortgage modification scams.

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