Declaring Bankruptcy for Your Business

It’s not uncommon for a small business to struggle. Unfortunately, it happens pretty often. A bankruptcy for your business may be in order if you find that it has accrued a significant amount of debt. Under the right circumstances, declaring bankruptcy may save your business, eliminate your personal liability in terms of business debts and…Read More

Pros and Cons of Short Sales

It’s a jarring, but true statistic that millions of Americans have trouble paying their mortgage. Sometimes it’s because a family will simply live paycheck-to-paycheck, other times it’s because unforeseen situations could even have them facing foreclosure. Owners in this situation may also consider a short sale. A short sale is the process of selling a…Read More

What Happens to Your Credit When You Declare Bankruptcy?

“Bankruptcy” can be a scary word in the world of finances. Many see it as a rock-bottom approach that only happens in dire situations. Little do they know that bankruptcy may be a very smart financial move – a fresh start with nowhere to go but up! That said, there are various ways that bankruptcy…Read More

Local Woman With Disabilities Fights to Keep Her Home

A local Haddonfield woman is facing eviction due to tax debt. The woman, who has developmental and intellectual disabilities, has lived in the home for nearly seven decades. Her mother had left her the home, along with a modest trust to ensure she could live out her days in her lifelong home. The woman’s home is…Read More

Client Testimonials

"Joel was very thorough in every aspect of preparation, presentation and representation of our very complex bankruptcy case. Joel and his staff
were extremely reponsive to our questions and concerns and made us feel that we were their most important client. Joel gave us every option
to consider and his objectiveness was a check and balance to our emotional perspective of our situation. In court Joel had a tremendous
rapport with the judges and court administrators which gave us great confidence in expecting a favorable outcome..." [read more]


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